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BIOVEA Mangosteen Extract Antioxidant – 400mg (60 Capsules)

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Reduces Signs of Ageing, Increases Energy and Provides Body Immune Support

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Mangosteen is a Southeast Asian fruit often called “The Queen of Fruits” and it contains powerful antioxidant phytonutrients including Xanthones (mangostin) and Polyphenols. These Xanthones are a recently discovered class of polyphenolic compounds that are biologically active and structurally similar to bioflavonoids. These compounds occur only rarely in nature, with the majority being found in only two families of plants. Two hundred naturally occurring xanthones have so far been identified. Around forty of them have been discovered in the Mangosteen fruit alone. Xanthones and their derivatives have been shown to have several benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties, anti-allergic, and anti-convulsant abilities.

Mangosteen’s antioxidants have been regarded as a cure all for whatever health ills you may have. It is important to know that one of the benefits of the Mangosteen is that it has anti-viral properties. When a virus is contracted, such as a common cold, one of the treatments is to simply wait for the virus to run its course until your body can finally get rid of it. Most people tend to treat the symptoms and not the underlying virus itself. Mangosteen’s also seem to slow down the ageing process of cells and can add more energy to your body.

Benefits in a Nutshell:
– Contains Anti-viral Properties
– Reduces Signs of Ageing
– Increases Energy

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