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Nordik Beauty Anti-Aging Skincare Rose Quartz Jade Roller

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#skincare #jaderoller #skinroutine

For a deep facial cleanse, proven to be more effective than hands, Nordik Beauty’s Facial Cleanser Brush gently removes makeup and impurity build up, leaving skin detoxed and radiant.

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#skincareroutine #skincaretools #skincleansing

Flawless makeup will always equal a flawless day!

All you need is the correct tools to achieve it, that is why Nordik Beauty offers a beautiful white & rose gold 15-piece makeup brush kit & cosmetic bag.

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#makeup #makeupapplication #makeuptools

Skincare Monday!

Remove any peach fuzz with our facial razor, revitalize and refresh skin with our Jade Roller, also preventing wrinkles and lastly finish the entire process with a lovely hydrating face sheet mask.

Beauty needs to be maintained.
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#skincare #skincareroutine #beauty

Get your new makeup brush set TODAY!

Nordik Beauty Rose Gold Oval Makeup Brush Set – 10 Piece. Sheer your foundation with perfect consistency; contour and blend with seamless artistry; use varying shapes and sizes to unlock both broad stroke and precision applications; and get that look with ease.

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#makeup #makeupbrush #beauty

Skin care is not a luxury it is necessary! 

Treat your skin with Nordik Beauty Anti-aging Blueberry Infused, Purifying Strawberry Infused & Hydrating Avocado Infused Face Sheet Masks.

#skincare #facemassage #selfcare

Step up any outfit with this perfect vintage hair accessory.

The Nordik Beauty Pearl Velvet Headband. Available in black, beige, pink & navy.

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Summer bodies are made in winter!

Sculpt, lift and tone your body with Nordik Beauty’s portable Resistance Bands.

Resistance ranges from: 
Light (10-12 lbs)
Medium (15-20 lbs)
Heavy (25-30 lbs)
X-Heavy (30-35 lbs)

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For hair-free, salon-finish skin, Nordik Beauty’s travel-friendly, USB-operated hair trimmer will de-fuzz smaller areas quick and painlessly.

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#hairfree #hairtrimmer #beautycare

Good Lashes = Good Mood

Get Nordik Beauty 3D Faux Mink Fur Eye Lashes.
Gives an amazing volumizing effect.

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#lashesfordays #beauty #lashesmink


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